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Why does Facebook always notify me about people shared and posting things when I don’t have them on ‘notifications’! I DONT CARE! AND ITS FILLING UP MY EMAIL! 19 IN 30 GOD DAMN SECONDS!!

In group search

The app doesnt support in group search . It do not open the selected posts as it used to be , worst update ever

Remove the in video ads

Hello, I use your app a ridiculous amount Zuck. Youre a billionaire, you dont need ads in your videos. Remove them, seriously. Youre worse than YouTube


Whoever said let’s put ads in videos, your moms a hoe.

Fix tagging

FIX TAGGING FOR MOBILE! I haven’t been able to tag any groups for weeks now and none of the updates have fixed it. I’ve literally never seen a Facebook update that actually made the app better.

Notifications button moved

My notifications button is now second to the left next to the newsfeed button, instead of second to the right next to the profile/setting button. Why did it move for me, and not anyone else?


The app crashes every time I scroll through “People You May Know.”

Where are my feeds?

The feeds feature is gone. The only option I see under feeds now is "Most Recent". I dont see my custom feeds anymore.


This past scandal played a tole in my investment drop, not much, but shady stuff like this gets under my skin. One star I would go negative if I could

Keeps Crashing When I Tap on My Photos

App keeps crashing whenever I try to tap on my Photos link on my profile. Issue persists when I close the app and reopen, and when I turn my phone on and off again. It works briefly when I delete the app and reinstall but then occurs again.


Updated it and now it just crashes every few minutes with out warning.

Marketplace updated?

Marketplace is so much more confusing. I don’t want to see “top picks” for my area at the top. I want to be able to explore what is for sale, generally. Not what Facebook thinks I’m interested in. Quit trying to personalize everything.

Eat a bag Facebook

One star until the timeline goes back to chronological order. I can live without your recommendations on how to interact.

Necessary evil

I use Facebook to keep up with friends and family. Many of those live in other parts of the country or world. Ive always tried to keep my FB info private. But every time I check my privacy settings on FB I see something new I need to drill down into and turn off. Meanwhile my newsfeed has turned into a bunch crap news and overshared memes.

Not working!

My Facebook is still not working! It still says I get notifications but when I check on the app it can’t refresh any of my stuff. Whenever I go on my homepage I only see posts I’ve seen 3 days ago. What is going on?? Why is none of my stuff refreshing. It was working fine 2 updates ago


App crashes a lot lately !!!!

Bad function

Im watching my news feed and it closes by itself , it could be great to tell us if you are having problems i already delete the app and download it twice !!!!

Closed alone

This update is closed alone , please solve this issue

Great communication

Great communication

Great update - NOT!

Really? FASTER!?! I haven’t had anything update in 2 days! I had items prompting me to look at my account, opened it up to find “something went wrong/try again” or “network error.” I can’t post, I can’t view (unless it’s the stuff I already read 2 days ago) and that certainly isn’t any faster! Now I have to leave a star rating to submit. Want to leave it blank, but have to mark at least one star in order to submit. Highly disappointing!

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