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Nothing new on news feed

Facebook is that app that I use to scroll through when I’m bored and have nothing better to do. For some reason, my news feed will only show me about 2 new things people have liked/commented on/posted in the span of 5 hours. I know for a fact more people I’m friends with have done something on Facebook that can show up on my feed. This has only recently been happening, around the time since I updated the app. This really sucks since now I can’t use Facebook because it is useless.


Deserve no star. Since today’s update, I cannot slide down my NewsFeed anymore, it freezes after 10 news/status... There a loading sign that could go on for hours. Last updates been craps... ?


Super slow, too many crashes. And the worst privacy policy ever

Slow slow slow slow

Last update made pages load really slow, so annoying... please fix!!!

Change it back

The new events page is unusable. Please change it back, that was the only reason I even have a Facebook

Facebook Marketplace

Why is it that you can have the Facebook marketplace on your phone but not on the tablet?

I totally agree with her!

I could not have said it better. I think if asked 99.9% of users would agree with her. I wish a massive number of people would QUIT Facebook and they would have to do as she said to get us back! Maybe we should start another social company that cares. Competition often brings out needed changes.

STILL not optimized for iPad Pro

The app still doesnt allow users with iPad Air 2 or iPad Pros to do split screen multitasking. Its just an enlarged version of the app - seems like they didnt care to put effort into making it work well with the multitasking capabilities.

Facebook keeps crashing! Fix please

Scrolling down in newsfeed or tapping on a post causes the app to crash. This is so frustrating! Facebook please fix this. Others are experiencing the same thing.


Getting very very tired of scrolling through your app and it crashing every few posts. Your app gets worse and worse with every update. Good grief.

Why 2 separate apps?

I don’t understand why Facebook is forcing me to download two separate apps for the messenger, while still showing me the notifications on the normal app. They used to be in one app, why separate them and waste my storage???

Unnecessary limit

Only able to see a max of 10 posts at a time on my feed, since the latest update. If this is the new normal, than the app is no longer worth it.

Freezing since last update

Since he last update on 11/18 the app freezes when I’m scrolling through my news feed and a video autoplays. I have to close out the app to unfreeze it

Love turned to hate

Once love the app but now you the whole fb company has made it hell for those whom cannot afford upgraded devices. Were brushed to the side with no more good updates and its my favorite when Im in the middle of reading something my app crashes several times a day. Money doesnt grow on trees but you get paid decent money to sit there to read my comment and yet nothing with change over a out dated device complaint. Once loved but now turned to hating your app.

It’s okay...

I’m literally used to receiving mediocre products from companies now, and this app is no exception. For me, it has become more difficult for the app to give the most recent posts in my news feed. It’ll just start at 4min ago and then jump to an hour ago, which I had already seen. Yet they add on other features which could possibly be the reason why it’s not working in the first place. If only they read reviews...

Buggy version

This version is too much buggy. It crashes frequently and couldn’t load the group pages.


Unable to view the feed by most recent. The app won’t update statuses or anything it’s stuck on stuff from 10 hours ago



Something Missing

Okay Facebook we have video, going live, regular old text.... but what I don’t see and would love is just a voice recording. Some people like to talk and give advice or rant or whatever. They just don’t want to put there face up there. Many reason why insecurities, less to be bullied about, or just didn’t feel like getting camera ready. Please add the ability to make a post of just voice.


سلام عليكم ياشباب فيس بوك جميل وانصحك حملوه

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