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Unable to delete or edit comments in app

Unable to delete or edit comments in the app

Fix the feed

When I view most recent posts, thats what I want to see. Why the hell do I get a few recent ones then one from 30 min ago, a day ago, 17 min ago, 3 hours ago, etc.?! Sometimes nothing recent will load. Fix this crap.

Cant seem to contact app support.

Can hide post in single groups but if same post appears in multiple groups, cant hide any of them. Tried to contact app support about this but that part doesnt seem to work either. Very annoying. Youd think with all these updates they do to "improve" the app, they can address this too?

Events don’t sync to calendar anymore

With iOS 11, Facebook events no longer sync to my calendar. Would love for this to come back.


App keeps crashing when I try to go into marketplace.

What happened to GIFs

They won’t show in comments anymore. You now have to click the link to view them

Buggy app on iOS 11

Installed iOS 11 and started having issues with the app immediately. After showing few posts, it will not show any posts when you try to scroll down. It will show a spinning circle as if trying to pull data but never do. I had it crash few times. Uninstall and reinstall did not help. Please assist.


Please remove *video* ads. Theyre ruining my Facebook video scrolling experience. Thanks.

great platform, stop changing thing.

please remove the swipe left for video chat. almost no one needs it let alone needs a easily mistakable and errorness hotkey to such a thing. Wow to the new video player, like wow is it super annoying. With the auto play and random videos that play after the one you were watching. Oh and its impossible to edit comments on videos now and it freezes up. yw for the free beta testing feed back, I will be using your app alot less or not at all until these things are fixed.

Touch ID

Would be so nice to add privacy protection (Touch ID) whenever you start the app that way people can’t look through your stuff.

Locks up on pictures

Since last update it freezes up all the time now.

Can’t scroll through photos while using 3D touch

Can’t scroll through photos while using 3D touch

Slow and horrible app

I have lost all faith in Facebook considering there are other apps that run flawlessly, yet a multinational social networking icon cannot seem to develop an app that actually runs on extremely common devices i.e. I-stuff..... then to make matters worse, these constant updates are completely blind installs; the update doesnt even tell you what is being updated. The only way to find out is to download it, and 90% of the time its some garbage that I dont even want on the app and if I had known thats what the update was I wouldve just ignored the update.

Fix videos

This app has always been tremendously hard to use when interacting with any media content. Videos will pause randomly in a perfect connection to internet or even on data. They seriously need to address the video quality inconsistency. For now I will stick to YouTube.

Their reviewing process is a joke

I access Facebook through an app on my iPhone in VoiceOver mode as I am visually impaired. When I try to report a particular comment as hate speech, Facebook reviewed it and said it did not meet their standard as hate speech. The comment called an entire race terrible devils. Facebook provided the option to give feedback and it was not accessible to me invoice over mode. When scrolling over the Feedback options it just said something like check and uncheck. It did not provide any details on how I could select whether I was happy or unhappy with the process. Cited people are able to see different faces that indicate happy or sad to show whether they were pleased with the outcome. None of these were available to me in VoiceOver mode.

Great app?

Love the quality an its very fun to communicate with family and friends ☺️

i just want to see the video

when i click a video i dont want to see the info or comments or what is up next. just the video. its annoying to have to swipe down to see the video. also now i can’t scroll a video to see another video. i spend hours scrolling videos but now i barely use the app

Oh hey

Youre updates keep getting shittier and shittier. Is this because the Russian scandal? Im guessing its because of the Russian scandal.


Why doesn’t my iPhone 7 have the colorful background option?

Love it but one suggestion

iOS 11 has a smart invert can you add support and change the way it shows the ui everything looked mostly good already but the blue on the app turns into a brown and looks terrible add a way to change the color or something this app otherwise looks amazing on smart invert

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